Ito Seafoods Ltd.

Our Products

Our best selling item is HP raw lobsters. The HP (high pressure) process loosens the lobster meat from the shell producing premium lobster products that are easier to prepare. The process uses no heat. No additives. No chemicals. 100% natural.

Frozen HP Raw Lobsters

whole, tails, raw meat

Frozen and Live Atlantic Lobsters

  • netted whole lobsters (blanched, cooked or raw), lobster in brine , tails (blanched, cooked or raw), cooked meat (fancy claw, CK, CKL, etc), raw bodies


Frozen Snow Crab

Cooked sections.


Frozen Canadian Mussels

Cooked whole, cooked whole in sauce

Frozen Atlantic Herring

  • whole, fillets, chunks


Frozen Whole Capelin


About us

Our Story

With a telephone, a used car and a big dream, Japanese entrepreneur Toshi Ito founded T. Ito Trading in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1989. Selling only the finest fish sourced from around the Atlantic Canada, he soon established a strong relationship with Japanese wholesalers.

In 2016, Toshi decided to retire and passed the business to his three employees: Hiro, Miya and Yoshi. The company changed its name to Ito Seafoods, but the mission remains same: Canadian seafood with Japanese quality.

We work with our clients to create products to suit their needs.  Our main markets are Asian countries but we are always looking for a new market. Ito Seafoods holds Marine Stewardship Council chain of custody certification for lobster and snow crab (MSC -C-55492) 


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada